About Ali

Ali Nelson is the multidisciplinary artist, entrepreneur, writer and creative activist behind Ali Makes Things. 

Ali believes art is powerful and that making things with honesty and purpose can be a magical portal when matched with our true voice — often leading to our life’s greatest work and accomplishments.

Her life has been a magical, messy and unexpected journey leading her to work with notable companies such as American Greetings, Shutterfly, To Write Love on Her Arms, Impact Hub, Kohler and even the Pope. Her various creative projects (including the creation of her monthly Fun Mail subscription), global explorations and social engagement have led her to believe that intentional, carefully crafted work can open new doors, spark conversations, evoke emotion and spark us toward meaningful action.

She uses lettering and social media as mediums to jumpstart real and honest conversations about complex topics like mental health, therapy, trauma and grief, inner wellness, and social justice. In a sea of superficial posts, she is committed to keeping it real and inviting others into the freedom of genuine connection, honesty and depth. 

After studying Criminal Justice at Chapman University, she attended the School of the Art Institute in Chicago and studied Fine Art. Originally from Northern California, she has lived all over the US and mainly works nomadically, most recently calling Atlanta, Santa Barbara, and Kigali, Rwanda "home."

Keep in touch via her Instagram: @alimakesthings

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