i like making things. but i love making things that make a difference.

raised in northern california, rather nomadic, and currently calling atlanta home, i didn’t always think of myself as an artist; my degree is in criminal justice and psychology. i later went back to school and studied fine art at the school of the art institute in chicago. 

i've always viewed making things as some kind of magical portal; art has power. good work should open doors, jumpstart conversations, introduce new concepts and engage us. good work should challenge us, evoke emotion, and ignite us to action. 

in 2012, i launched my dream project; our team spent six weeks traveling america in a RV talking to people who were a positive force in their communities. i began to use my art and lettering to share the stories and work of the amazing people and organizations we encountered. i witnessed how humble actions drive movements that can change the world. i wanted to do my small part to further the momentum and discovered how my lettering could play a role.

these days, you can find me all over the place. my letters have been the visual voice for social justice causes and start-ups kicking ass, at music festivals and on apparel. i’ve done work for the pope, bands i love, and awesome brands like shutterfly, kohler, and american greetings. in 2014, i launched an idea for a fun mail subscription- basically, birchbox for art prints and paper goods. i love leading workshops and even speaking sometimes. i like making things, but i love nothing more than connecting people and purpose while making things that make a difference.