About Ali

Inevitably, I'm asked, "What do you make?"  Although, a better question is WHY. As a kid, I wanted nothing more than to make the world a better place

Art is a powerful tool for impact, a medium for a message.

I'm a visual artist, specializing in lettering, illustration, and installation art. These days, I love my Apple pencil almost as much as I love dragging rich ink across velvety paper. Nothing lights me up like wandering a warehouse, farm supply or flea market seeking interesting materials I could suspend from the ceilings. I love using my hands to craft something significant or beautiful. Aesthetic has the ability to attract and spark conversation around uncomfortable topics, and I honor the opportunity to invite others into deeper dialogue.

Formally educated in Organizational Leadership, Psychology, and Criminal Justice from Chapman University, Fine Arts at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, I equally acknowledge my unconventional education. I would be nothing without my decade-long and oddly specific immersion course in Crafting Elaborately Illustrated Class Notes and Church Bulletins. ;)

I owe a lot to luck, curiosity and experimentation. I embraced platforms like Etsy and Instagram early on, seizing opportunities to create and sell. Community has played a pivotal role, with invitations from generous friends sparking some of my most unique projects. Friends who would ask me, "Do you do ___?" and regardless of my answer, encouraged me to give it a shot, believing in me and what I could make. 

My portfolio is eclectic, ranging from conceptual storytelling to commercial endeavors like greeting cards at Target. Meticulous installation projects, murals and merch, RV wraps, wedding invites and independent films, Bonnaroo, so many tattoos, and lots of social media. I'm pretty proud of the art print subscription we grew to 300 subscribers despite our limitations. I've been honored to contribute and support the work of NGOs and social justice causes. The list goes on... it’s been really special to witness my art in the world.

While I really love the act of creation and the intricacies of process, I recognize art as a powerful medium for meaningful dialogue and societal change. My favorite projects are collaborations with good people, companies, and organizations who are doing good work, and want to make a meaningful impact in our communities, and our world.

Lately, I've drawn inspiration from everyday narratives, DIY ethos, cultural heritage, handcraft, and surprise and delight. 

So, what do I make? Lots of things, but my most earnest answer is that I hope I make the world a little better, kinder, brighter through my work.

Have an idea? Let's make something together. Find me on  Instagram: @alimakesthings