About Ali

I'm Ali, I make things.

A little bit about me: I'm a multidisciplinary artist, mental health advocate, entrepreneur, writer and creative activist.

I believe that making things with honesty and purpose can be magic.

I use the spectrum of my life experiences- from messy to magical- as a catalyst for my work. Using lettering and social media as mediums, I hope to jumpstart real and honest conversations around complex topics like mental health, therapy, social justice, and what it looks like to find yourself in the messy middle of life.  

I've never really fit the mold of the industries I've worked within: I'm an artist with a degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. I got divorced around the same time I worked at a church, I deal with debilitating depression and anxiety and yet I get to work with incredible leaders and change-makers in the social justice and mental/emotional health and wellness space. My lettering is non-conformist in a field that has long valued tradition and technique. The truth is, I wear a lot of hats and I like it that way. 

I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible people who are doing things I admire and believe are changing our world. 

I mostly make things with people who care about other people. People who care in tangible ways about: mental and emotional health, marriage and relationship health, suicide prevention and awareness, foster care advocacy, vocational training for women and other marginalized groups, access to clean water, eradication of hunger and human trafficking, and leadership and entrepreneurial development stateside and abroad. 

I've had some incredible project opportunities-- designing for Paper Rebel and American Greetings made it possible to purchase my work at Target, sent holiday cards with my lettering through Tiny Prints and Shutterfly, I've worn clothing with my lettering on it thanks to NBA player Kyle Korver, To Write Love on Her Arms, and numerous other bands, brands churches and organizations. My murals have been seen on the walls of places like Ace Rivington, Impact Hub, and The Liddy- a women's vocational training center in Rwanda. My letters have been made very BIG at music festivals like Bonnaroo thanks to Kohler, made into temporary tattoos and tshirts thanks to Warner Brothers, accompanied some of the first records sent out with Vinyl Me, Please, and I've even been asked to partner with the Pope.

At the end of the day, I love what I do. It's not always easy, but I'll never get over that I get to jump in and be a small part of some really incredible projects with people who are changing our world.


If you still want to hear me speak or see more of my letters, keep in touch via my Instagram: @alimakesthings

Hear more of my story: via Good Good Good