i’m ali – a letterer, illustrator, artist, graphic designer, road warrior and craft food/cocktail/coffee connoisseur. i've read every single nancy drew book and i played roller derby for a season. 

a little backstory:

i hail from northern california, but in the last couple of years i've called chicago, santa barbara, nantucket, and my trusty subaru forester "home." i graduated from chapman university with a degree in criminal justice and psychology. i worked for nonprofits and thought maybe i'd work in the prison system. (big LOL.) it took me picking up a part-time gig at anthropologie and working with the visual team to make me realize that making things was my true calling. 

in 2008, my car was hit by a drunk driver and i suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, impairing my verbal abilities. i holed up in my parents' attic, creating piece after piece of mixed media in an attempt to process the life crisis i was experiencing. i applied on a whim to School of the Art Institute in Chicago in 2010 and started my journey to try to become "a real artist." in 2012, i was a part of a project that traveled the country in a RV talking to individuals who were changing their communities. it was then that i fell in love with america, its incredible people, and idea that humble actions drive movements. 

i've always viewed making things as some kind of magical portal. to me, it's not just about creating beautiful, purposeless things... well-designed, carefully crafted art should open new doors, spark conversations and epiphanies, and introduce and engage viewers in new concepts. it should challenge you, evoke emotion in you, ignite you to some kind of action. 

art has power; this is why i choose to work with people and projects i believe in.

please feel free to visit my shop or browse my portfolio to see more of my work.

if you would like to work with me, have a question, or would just like to say hey, email me at alexandra003@gmail.com.